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Upcoming Events 2017

(Click on the event for more information.  Further information will be posted as it becomes available.)

Sep 23-24 - NOTE - LOCATION CHANGE!  ** This ride will be at the Lucky L Farm in Bowdoin instead of in Shirley (sponsored by Brenda and Dana Lary)

Sep 30-Oct 1 - ** Parkman Ride (sponsored by Donna Tripp)


Oct 7-9 - **Mt Vernon Ride (sponsored by Walt Williams)

Oct 14 - ** Greene Ride (sponsored by Missy Bourgoin)

Oct 15 - ** Turner Ride (sponsored by Nora MacDonald)

Oct 21 - Fall Fun Show at MTRA club house

Oct 22 - ** Newport Ride (sponsored by Nancy Weeks)

Oct 29 - ** West Gardiner Ride (sponsored by Cathy Small)


Nov 4 - Membership Meeting, at the MTRA club house

Dec 9 - Membership Meeting, at the MTRA club house