Upcoming Events

Parkman Ride
September 29 and 30
Sponsored by Donna Tripp (207-446-7982)

NOTE detail change:  MTRA Parkman ride change due to field not being mowed. Follow directions for the original camping area and go a little further beyond that field and there will be a sign pointing toward the Bridge Road, follow the road around the sharp corner and go to the top of the hill. There will be a sign there pointing toward the field on the left. There is a garage and a camper on the property and will also be a horse trailer and red pick up there. Bring you own water. Welcome to come Friday if anyone wants to.


Camping is available Friday through Sunday.

Bring water and spread manure in the field because this is a hayfield we camp in.

There will be a lot of gravel roads so if your horse is tender footed you may want shoes. These trails are also accessible by cart if anyone wants to drive.

The rides start at 10:00. Saturday’s ride will be 3-4 hours pack your lunch. Sunday’s ride will be about 3 hours, and there will be a corn chowder and beef stew for lunch at a camp.

A “Make Your Own Pizza” Party will be held Saturday night courtesy of the landowners. Please bring a favorite pizza topping, salad, or sweet treat to share.

Directions: Take I-95 to Newport Exit 157. Take a left on Route 7 North to Dexter; take first left after Hannaford supermarket on Route 23 North. Go 1.5 miles, and take 2nd left after the lake onto Cambridge Road, watch for signs. Continue for 4 miles the field we will be camping in is on the right, watch for signs.

Contact info: Donna Tripp 207-582-5532 at home until Sept 30, or cellphone 207-446-7982 (reception is iffy at camp).