Upcoming Events

Chelsea Ride

Sunday. Both July 8th and July 29th

The ride will start at 10 am and we will aim for just three hours of riding. It will be mostly trails with a little bit of road riding here and there.  We may do some down and back trails. I have several trails that dead end but are still nice to ride.


We will play it by ear on lunch. It can be very hot at this time of year and, worse, very buggy. It may be too horrible to stop. Pack your lunch, halter, and snacks in case we decide to just break for 15 minutes or so and keep going.



From Litchfield area or from the West Gardiner Turnpike exit take Route 126 towards Gardiner. You will take a left onto Bridge Street. Continue to follow 126 through Gardiner. It will take you over the Gardiner/Randolph bridge which I believe is also called the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Bridge. Off the bridge take a right to continue to follow 126. Go .8 miles and take a left to again stay on 126. Go 3.4 miles. Turn left on Nelson Road. Go 1.8 miles and my house is number 381 on the right.

From the Bowdoin/Topsham/Richmond area come down 201 into Gardiner and then pick up Route 126 and follow the instructions from above.
My address if you want to use your GPS or Google Maps is 381 Nelson Road, Chelsea.

Notes: I do live in Chelsea but I am on the Pittston side of Chelsea. Those somewhat familiar with the area might think they are headed to Pittston or even Whitefield but half way down my dead end road you cross back into Chelsea. Second note is that my driveway is at the base of a little knoll in the road. Cars sometimes come over that knoll quickly. Those of you with big rigs may need to use the oncoming lane to pull into my driveway. Just take care and don't dawdle. Same goes when you leave.

Parking is in my horse pasture. The best spots are going to be all the way down to the back field, but if you see a spot you like, grab it. There will also be a VIP spot open on my front lawn. First one who wants it can take it.